Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wait, what?: "We haven't really seen any kind of unequivocal ozone recovery yet"

Antarctic ozone hole smaller than in 2011 | Reuters
(Reuters) - The hole in the ozone layer, the earth's protective shield against ultraviolet rays, is expected to be smaller this year over the Antarctic than last, showing how a ban on harmful substances has stopped its depletion, the United Nations said on Friday.

But the hole is probably larger than in 2010 and a complete recovery is still a long way off.
"The temperature conditions and the extent of polar stratospheric clouds so far this year indicate that the degree of ozone loss will be smaller than in 2011 but probably somewhat larger than in 2010," the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said in a statement.

The Antarctic ozone hole, which currently measures 19 million square kilometers, most likely would be smaller this year than in the record year of 2006, it said. The annual occurrence typically reaches its maximum surface area during late September and maximum depth in early October.
The Montreal protocol has been a "great success", U.N. weather agency expert Geir Braathen told a news briefing.

"This has prevented a major environmental disaster and globally ozone depletion has leveled off. We haven't really seen any kind of unequivocal ozone recovery yet," he said.

"Ozone depletion has stopped, leveled off," Braathen said.

In the Arctic stratosphere, there was record ozone loss in spring of 2011, but it has returned to more normal conditions this year, he said.
Flashback: Ozone Layer: A Closer Look at the Fraud « The AntiSlave
The Montreal Protocol cost Billions, if not Trillions of consumer dollars. Old air conditioning, freezers and fridges could not be repaired. they had to be replaced replaced (with all the environmental implications of having to produce more steel, use energy to manufacture more units,…). CFCs were so valuable that criminals made a very good living out of smuggling 20 lb tanks of CFCs from mexico into Canada at $600 per tank.
So how is it that the hole in the ozone layer is bigger than ever before but nobody is screaming out headlines of environmental disaster of global proportions and the extinction of mankind any more?

Well guess what – it wasn’t the CFCs after all. The ozone layer is not being depleted. The “hole in the ozone layer” over antartica is caused by nitrogen oxides being pushed into the lower atmosphere by solar winds!

Its a natural process that has always occurred and will always occur.

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