Wednesday, September 19, 2012

With Antarctic ice at the highest ever for the date, Bastardi slams Gore for trying to sell us an overheated Antarctica

Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Gore is delusional: http:/ ...

Gore is delusional: antarctic ice breaking record highs for day glbl tmps

Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Gores writing shows classic ...
Gores writing shows classic Dunning Kruger example. Here is a different article on this:
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Its absolutely classic. Coldest ...
Its absolutely classic. Coldest Sept temp every and 90% of antarctica below ave for yr, and he comes out with that
Ice Area Sets Another Record High | Real Science
Day 258 ice area in Antarctica is the highest ever for the date, and the fifth highest daily value on record.

Antarctic ice area is more than one million km^2 larger than the highest value ever recorded in the Arctic.

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