Saturday, September 22, 2012

With an election looming, John Kerry backs away a bit from the global warming hoax: "There are ways to do fossil fuels responsibly"

John Kerry on why we need fossil fuels (for now) and climate action (for real!) | Grist
[Q] Why has this issue [the global warming hoax] fallen off the Democratic agenda?

A. For several reasons. No. 1, because huge amounts of money were spent to purposely discredit the facts. Some of the coal industry, some of your old power-plant owners, put money into branding cap-and-trade as cap-and-tax. The British university emails were exploited by the opponents very effectively, and a kind of pejorative set in about climate science as a result. I think the climate issue lost 20 or 30 points of support in the public arena.

So once the House of Representatives passed cap-and-trade, this onslaught of negative activity took place which had an impact. The people who claimed it was a hoax, nothing more than a liberal conspiracy to have a government takeover, spent a lot of money scaring our colleagues. And that’s what happened, they scared them. They created a certain credibility [problem] that was never answered. There was no counter.
...I’m the most ardent advocate up here for doing something about climate change, but you’re nevertheless gonna have to use fossil fuels. The question is, can you use them in clean and manageable ways? The answer is, Yes, you can, if you make the right sort of requirements.
...There are ways to do fossil fuels responsibly.
...the folks down in New Orleans understand [that CO2 caused Katrina?].
..Can you share any insights about [Romney's] former life as an advocate of global-warming solutions?

A. Barely perceptible. He went along because the legislature pushed it. He never led on it. We had environmental activists in the state, we had a Democratic legislature, and they led the fight, but he’s never been an advocate. I’ve never heard his voice on it.

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