Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A few quick thoughts on PBS Frontline's "Climate of Doubt"

Ok, I just watched "Climate of Doubt" on my coal-powered Tivo.

Some notes:

--The PBS folks behind this show obviously still believe in the global warming hoax.  Unfortunately, they never actually got around to telling us how, specifically, we know that CO2 is overheating the planet.  They did mention the alleged 97% consensus a whole lot of times.

--There was a lot of gnashing of teeth over the success of the skeptics over the last four years.

--Is that Lucia from The Blackboard standing to the right of Morano at minute two of the show?

--Willie Soon received money from Exxon!!!!!

--John Kerry (estimated net worth $194 million) suggests that his side lost because the skeptics had so much money.

--Blogosphere, what blogosphere?  There was very little mention of that whole new-fangled Internet thingy that the kids seem to be talking about.  I guess this means that Climate Audit, Watts Up With That, Climate Depot, etc weren't as influential as I thought.

--That whole Global Warming Petition Project and its 31,487 signers, including 9,029 with PhDs, was dismissed because of (cough-mumble).

--I liked the fact that they spent so much time on the story of Bob Inglis losing his primary race 71-29 because of his belief in the most massive scientific fraud in human history.

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Anonymous said...

On the plus side, Mikey Mann on twitter says he was annoyed that after he'd spent some time talking to them, "It all ended up on cutting room floor".