Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Did climate change create the ‘Frankenstorm’? It didn’t help | Crikey
[How, specifically, do we know that it didn't help?] ...what we can say is that global warming is loading the dice such that the devastating flooding and ocean inundation we’ve just witnessed becomes a lot more likely in the future.
[Ah, the good old days, when CO2 was at "safe" levels"]: 1775 Hurricane Had A Thirty Foot Storm Surge | Real Science
It wiped out many British ships and killed 4,000 people.
Meghan McCain takes a stand for climate change, whips up a storm | Grist
Pajamas Media (now known as PJ Media because it’s mature) offers a simple: “Meghan McCain, still an idiot.”
Twitter / RogerPielkeJr: Dave Roberts explains to "climate ...
Dave Roberts explains to "climate people" why it is OK to spin and exaggerate science for the political cause
A preview of Storms of My Grandchildren | NCSE
Praising Storms of My Grandchildren, the reviewer for the Los Angeles Times wrote, "James Hansen gives us the opportunity to watch a scientist who is sick of silence and compromise; a scientist at the breaking point — the point at which he is willing to sacrifice his credibility to make a stand to avert disaster, to offer up the fruits of four-plus decades of inquiry and ingenuity just in case he might change the course of history."

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