Thursday, October 18, 2012

Energy Facts, And A Few Fibs, On Display At Presidential Debate
“It’s preposterous that both candidates spent so much of the precious few minutes dedicated to energy policy tonight fighting over whose vague plan would fry the planet," said Maura Cowley, executive director of the Energy Action Coalition, a coalition of youth-led environmental and social justice groups, in an emailed statement.
Twitter / WaxmanClimate: RT @350: #ConnectTheDots: new ...
[retweeted by left-wing warmist Michael Mann] RT @350: #ConnectTheDots: new study says warmer oceans mean more and stronger hurricanes hitting the US: #350ppm
Retail sales flat in past week, clothing sales up due to cold weather -
Sales rose at clothing stores with some help form "a bout of cold weather."

Weather Trends International Inc., which tracks climatic influences on shoppers, said "very cold weather locked in across the eastern half of the nation ... setting 69 record low temperatures."
Twitter / M_Shellenberger: The Romney-Obama clash on ...
The Romney-Obama clash on drilling should put an end to the fantasy that there is a political majority for raising energy prices.
Twitter / JeffDSachs: When it comes to mitigating ...
When it comes to mitigating climate change, it isn't aid, it's compensation.

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