Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fair-and-balanced Revkin's illustrates what he calls a "horrible reality": A world where we're free to read Watts Up With That

Building the 'Knowosphere': Durable Progress on a Finite Planet - YouTube

Above: 50-minute video of Revkin, May 2012.   Revkin fondly remembers the days when we all allegedly received our news from mainstream broadcasters like Walter Cronkite, then at the 11:45 mark, brings up what he calls a "horrible reality": now everyone can choose their own information sources.

Around the 47:37 mark, Revkin conditionally endorses RealClimate:  " has problems, I'm not perfectly happy with's like a touchstone, a place for those who are interested in finding reality, can go there and get a sense of reality.

Around the 48:30 mark, Revkin begins talking about Marc Morano, including calling his work "divisive and toxic".  See below for previous coverage.

Flashback: New York Times journalist Andrew Revkin Fumes: Climate Depot's Morano is 'divisive and toxic' | Climate Depot
"Professional partisans are having a field day right now," [Revkin] said. "People like Marc Morano at put out stuff that says we don't know anything about global warming, and that gets picked up by talk radio and amplified. It's divisive and toxic."
Climate Depot response to Revkin: "Andy, I don't "put out stuff that says we don't know anything about global warming." On the contrary, Climate Depot is chock full of information about what we actually do know about the climate and how the warmists' claims are failing and not passing scientific muster.

'Toxic'? If by 'divisive and toxic' you mean Climate Depot is serving to derail the man-made global warming agenda and its sub-prime science and politics, I happily plead guilty!"

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