Saturday, October 20, 2012

Interesting article on Richard Muller

Richard Muller, converted climate change sceptic, still a maverick | South China Morning Post
Tomorrow, the University of Hong Kong will host a lecture by one of the most colourful characters in climate science, Richard Muller. T
Though he obtained his PhD in elementary particle physics, Muller's research interests span astrophysics, including the cosmic microwave background and supernovae, along with aspects of geophysics. He has espoused a theory that our sun is partnered by an undiscovered small star he calls Nemesis, "the death star". Muller has written a historical novel, The Sins of Jesus ("he slowly slips deeper and deeper into sin") and a short essay titled "Why Dumbledore is Gay" - on the headmaster of fictional wizarding school Hogwarts. Muller even opened a restaurant; you won't be surprised that the cuisine was "eclectic".

...Monckton's piece supposedly answered "Muller's propaganda", yet was rambling, inconsistent, and threw in debunked notions like the correlation between sunspot activity and temperatures.
Notwithstanding his conversion, Muller remains a maverick, ready to express views against mainstream climate science. "Is the Arctic melting due to global warming?" he pondered in a recent radio interview. "You know, the evidence for that is very, very flimsy. I'm not even sure it's true."
Interestingly, Muller is president of a company with expertise in fields including natural gas and shale oil.

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Anonymous said...

More agitprop. Muller was NEVER a sceptic. In the early 80's he split with the Sierra Club because they would not support Nuclear Reactors. Why did he think this was important?? Because he KNEW CO2 was going to be man's main problem. There is NO scipticism in the man for AGW, only for the poor work of its supporters. Then he repeated their mistakes building his unpublished temperature series!!

Oh yes, the article specifically mentions his company works with gas and oil companies. Wonder why they didn't ALSO mention that his company specializes in renewables and environmental sensitivity??