Saturday, October 20, 2012

NGOs warn displaced Afghans need help ahead of winter
More than a hundred people, most of them children, died as a result of cold or illness in refugee camps in the Afghan capital alone last winter.
Watch: Julianne Moore Demands That Washington Push for Sustainable Energy - Softpedia
[Moore:  "The planet is getting too hot, too fast.  Greenhouse gas pollution is like a heavy blanket, keeping too much of the sun's heat in.  And too many politicians are only adding more hot air."]
“We want a plan for a clean energy future, an end to global warming. Moms know about sustainable energy. After all, mother love in an unending supply and it keeps kids healthy,” the actress says.
Green Party candidate Jill Stein: “90 million people have no one to vote for” -
The two main candidates offer more of the same, including drill baby drill on steroids; the policies of George W. Bush are very much alive and well in the agenda of Barack Obama, and we saw that in full view in the president’s competition with Romney for who can build more miles of pipeline and catapult us into climate change faster. It’s an absolute outrage that the debate did not include the fact that we can create three times as many jobs in the green economy. The Green New Deal, which is what we’re calling for, can put an end to climate change and at the same time we can put an end to unemployment.
Congressman Ellison Calls Opponent Chris Fields ‘Lowlife Scumbag’ During Debate
Fortunately, the moderator called for a break, and when the debate resumed, the questions were directed to the less provocative subject of Climate Change.
Walter Russell Mead: Another European Green Fail | The Global Warming Policy Foundation
The European Union is the world’s most dysfunctional policy-making body, and environmentalists are the world’s most dysfunctional policy lobby. Put the two together, and watch the fun begin. Like a string of firecrackers, Europe has been watching one green fiasco explode after another.
In a warming Arctic, U.S. faces new security concerns -
"Does the Navy have the ability to go up and operate a number of ships, a number of aircraft, for a sustained period of time in this environment, where it's cold, it's got bad weather, it's got a lot of ice, and it's really far away from everything that supports you? What we found is that the answer is, not really," Gray said.

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