Wednesday, October 03, 2012

"the Pentagon is buying Chevy Volts in a 1,500 electric-vehicle purchase"

Embassies Facing Security Cuts Waste Money on Chevy Volts
The U.S. military's newspaper, Stars & Stripes, recently reported that the Pentagon is buying Chevy Volts in a 1,500 electric-vehicle purchase, as part of the Defense Department's "green initiatives," which seek to reduce the country's dependence on foreign energy sources.

A recent Congressional Budget Office study challenged the assumption that electric vehicles have any impact on such dependence, prompting the question of why the government is spending money this way. Against the backdrop of the attack on our embassy in Benghazi, and looming embassy security cuts due to sequestration, it appears politics and ideology are trumping common sense.
Then I noticed that the State Department also paid over $108,000 for another contract, dated May of this year, for a Volt-specific charging station at our embassy in Vienna, Austria.
These Chevy Volt-related purchases are symbols of misguided Obama administration priorities. I'm sure these two embassies aren't the only places the government has spent money on environmental idealism instead of practical security measures.
Update: Rob Peterson in the comment section says that the correct number of Volts is not 1500 but 185.

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Rob Peterson said...

This is Rob Peterson from Chevrolet Communications.

It is inaccurate to state that the Pentagon is buying 1,500 Chevy Volt's. The Stars and Stripes article you reference clearly states that "the DoD aims to integrate about 1,500 road-capable electric vehicles over the next few years." The Pentagon has purchased 185 Chevy Volt's to date - less than one percent of the over 24,000 vehicles sold since the vehicle launched in December 2010.

Thank you in advance for correcting your post.