Thursday, October 25, 2012

RealClimate's Rahmstorf: "skeptics do a very good job in their PR machine"

Audioboo / Talking Climate Crisis with Stephan Rahmstorf
[13-minute audio. RealClimate's Rahmstorf says it's a good thing that any recent warming is allegedly caused by humans, because if it was natural, we couldn't stop it!  He says that "skeptics do a very good job in their PR machine".  Around the 8:20 mark, the interviewer says "You've kind of highlighted to me just how mobilized the skeptics are, whatever the agenda may be, whether you believe there are, you know, "powers that be" behind the skeptics...".   Rahmstorf says that his job requires quite a bit of flying, to do it effectively, he does "have" to go to conferences.]

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