Monday, October 01, 2012

Warmist Kevin Anderson on his personal efforts to prevent CO2-induced bad weather: "I’ve done without a fridge for 12 years, but recently relented...I’ve cut back on washing and showering"

50 months - 50 months: Kevin Anderson, Head of Climate & Energy Research, Tyndall Centre, Manchester University
My day job is to translate the science of climate change into the everyday language we use to understand our lives. To chaperon policy-makers in the transition towards a low-carbon UK, and to help companies and civil society understand the mitigation challenge we all face.
...we continue to respond as ill-behaved children quarrelling in the playground. T
...those with a more enlightened and creative outlook could yet see a low carbon Phoenix emerge from the fossil-fuelled flames. Uncomfortable as it may be, what we desperately need are top-down standards initiating an immediate transition to low-carbon practices – through radically more efficient demand-technologies (fridges, cars, etc.) and major changes in our lifestyle.
So what will I do differently? I haven’t flown for almost eight years – and that will have to continue. I have halved the distance I drive each year and have significantly changed how I drive. I’ve done without a fridge for 12 years, but recently relented and joined the very small proportion of the world’s population that has a fridge – this I may have to reverse! I’ve cut back on washing and showering – but only to levels that were the norm just a few years back. All this is a start but it is not enough.
Flashback: Ceci n'est pas un bonhomme de neige! – Telegraph Blogs
Prof Anderson, I note, is a non-executive director of Greenstone Carbon Management, which makes a pretty penny advising clients including Eversheds, Clifford Chance, Fujitsu, Henderson Global Investors, Ocado,and Virgin UK on how to reduce their carbon emissions. Since Greenstone's function would be entirely redundant were it not for a regulatory climate whose existence owes itself the supposedly independent scientific expertise of research organisations like the Tyndall Centre, you can see why Professor Anderson got his job.

I hope Professor Anderson is properly remunerated for his expert expertise.
2011: Warmist Kevin Anderson: "I think it’s extremely unlikely that we wouldn’t have mass death at 4 degrees"


Bob Armstrong said...

I trust he flogs himself daily too .

Anonymous said...

Kevin Anderson is a mathematician and a marine engineer. However, he is often described as a "climate scientist".

He takes the IPCC as a given and produces computer simulations to frighten the masses. He is the guy who wants every individual to have a carbon credit card, but he doesn't say if that allows breathing.

He also doesn't want anyone to fly, unless of course they are going to yet another climate conference in some nice location at the taxpayer's expense.

Before Copenhagen he was in exuberant mood: "Professor Kevin Anderson, director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change,
believes only around 10 per cent of the planet's population – around half a billion people – will survive if global temperatures rise by 4C."

bahamamamma said...

It is pretty scary to find people like this being taken seriously in the "Media".

Put him in a box with Prince Charles and ship him to some remote island so that the two of them can bore each other to death.

Mick J said...

paige_follett at the London telegraph took a look at this person.

Amongst other things noted is the following extract.

"Anderson co-authored the following weighty piece of scientific enquiry: "Exploring sustainable futures through 'Design Orienting Scenarios' - the case of shopping, cooking and eating."

"Shopping, cooking and eating". So, perhaps not so heavy on the partial differential equations, then.

Said article having appeared in that leading-edge, high-powered scientific publication, the _Journal of Sustainable Product Design_."

Mick J