Friday, November 02, 2012

"Weepy" Bill McKibben: "Sandy is what happens when the temperature goes up a degree"

Hurricane Sandy Fans Flames of Climate Change Debate - AlertNet
"Sandy is what happens when the temperature goes up a degree. The scientists who predicted this kind of megastorm have issued another stark warning: if we stay on our current path, our children will live on a super-heated planet that's four or five degrees warmer than it is right now," said Bill McKibben, president and co-founder of the climate advocacy movement, in a press release.
"Such massive storms only happen once every 100 years, and now this kind of event is becoming more frequent [David--sometime at your convenience, maybe after you've finished foaming at the mouth, can we see some hard data to back up that claim?  Thanks in advance!], which is a huge challenge for human adaptation and resilience of our infrastructure," Biello elaborated.

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