Thursday, November 01, 2012

Did you know Hurricane Sandy favors higher marginal tax rates?
[WSJ] The rush to use Hurricane Sandy to justify a bigger federal government makes us wonder if there's an excuse liberals won't use to grow Leviathan? The reality of the federal fisc is that whoever wins next Tuesday is going to have to choose between functions best done by the federal government and those that can be done better by others. A government that can't distinguish between a big storm and Big Bird is simply too big.
Laurel Whitney | Climate Silence No More As Sandy Rips Through the East Coast
This storm will cost the city and tri-state area billions in damages, for one storm, yet we refuse to invest in measures that could combat and mitigate climate change, in effect preventing these disasters from getting worse.
[Note: That "refuse to invest" line seems odd, what with Obama boasting about investing no less than 90,000 million dollars in Big Government bad-weather-preventing activities]
OBAMA: Through the Recovery Act, my Administration committed a $90 billion investment in clean energy that will produce as much as $150 billion in clean energy projects.

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