Monday, November 26, 2012

Has the Kyoto protocol made any difference to carbon emissions? | Environment |
The first phase of Kyoto, the only international binding treaty on emissions cuts, has failed to slow global carbon emissions
Former spy Mark Kennedy sues police for 'failing to stop him falling in love' | Environment | The Guardian
A former spy is suing the Metropolitan police for failing to "protect" him from falling in love with one of the environmental activists whose movement he infiltrated.
Kennedy says since he was unmasked he has been diagnosed as suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. His wife, Edel, has filed for divorce, and is seeking compensation for "emotional trauma".

"When my cover was blown it destroyed my life. I lost my job, my girlfriend and my reputation," he said. "I started self-harming and went to a shrink who diagnosed me with post-traumatic stress syndrome. The blame rests firmly at the feet of my superiors at the Met, who had a duty to protect me."

Ten women and a man are also suing the Met for emotional trauma, saying they were duped into having sex with undercover officers. Three of the women are former lovers of Kennedy. It is one of these women whom the ex-spy claims to have fallen in love with.
DohaQ&A: Your guide to UN climate talks - Telegraph
The Project Developer Forum, a group campaigning on behalf of green energy developers, estimate the conference will generate at least 25,000 tonnes of carbon. This is the carbon generated by 10,000 people flying into Qatar from around the world and staying in hotels for 15 nights. The total is more than the small island state of Niue in the South Pacific uses in a year...The un-alarmist World Bank recently reported that a temperature rise of 4C would be “devastating” for the world.
Twitter / RichardTol: Would you be prepared to pay ...
Would you be prepared to pay more for green energy? No! say 69% of Guardian readers and trolls
Hey Richard: What, specifically, is your definition of "troll"?

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