Thursday, November 01, 2012

Hoo boy: Warmist Jeff Masters tries to convince us that CO2 caused Sandy; fails to tell us what caused five major U.S. hurricanes in two years in the 1950s

Superstorm Sandy: Further devastating evidence of climate change |
Masters partially attributes the lack of discussion to the power of the fossil-fuel lobby: "You're talking about the oil and gas industry ... about the entire basis of the industrialized economy. With these sorts of storms, people are going to wise up at some point and say: 'Hey, what's going on? Maybe we shouldn't mess with the very forces that enable us to live on the planet Earth.' ... We've got to get self-preservation in our minds pretty soon, or this is just the start of things, Here we are in the year 2012; what's going to be happening in 2030 if we're already seeing storms like this?"
Flashback: Do NOT miss this Joe Bastardi information about U.S. hurricanes, 1951-1960, back before CO2 allegedly started causing hurricanes. Note six hurricanes in two years, including five majors

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