Saturday, December 29, 2012

Children won't know what Montreal looked like: Nine days, 3,000 people, and $25 million needed to clear largest-ever one-day snowfall

Montreal says snow removal will take more than a week - Montreal - CBC News
The City of Montreal said snow removal is going to take longer than expected following Thursday's record snowfall.

Michel Frenette, a spokesman for the city, said snow removal will take about nine days to accomplish.
Three thousand people are working to clear the snow.
Despite the added days, he said he estimates the removal will cost about $25 million.

According to Environment Canada, Montreal was covered by a record-breaking 47 centimetres of snow on Thursday.

"It's a historical storm," said Réné Héroux from Environment Canada. "We've never had this much snow in a day. In 1971, there was a lot of snow, but it was over more than a day."

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Anonymous said...

Oh for crying out loud! I have to comment on this.

I grew up in Montreal in the 50-70's. Winter was HARSH. Snow was mountainous and post snow storm temps dropped to -25 F! We got a foot of snow a week. Winter was a looooooong 6 months. Get over it, will ya? It's a "cycle". You've been spoiled the last 40 years!

I lived downtown in 1976. My street Aylmer St, was buried in 6 feet of snow and didn't get ploughed out for weeks. We walked on top of the cars buried in the snow. I have the pics to prove it!

Wah, wah, wah,'re in the Great White North and the Snow Belt, so deal with it.