Sunday, December 16, 2012

Don't miss these barking mad Bill McKibben-endorsed Green Christmas Carols: "Solar power will never fail you Fa-la...Coal will shrink your genitalia Fa-la..."

Twitter / billmckibben: Here's the Seattle 350 Xmas ...
Here's the Seattle 350 Xmas songbook (bonus: special edition of the dreydl song!)
From the PDF above: 
350 ppm (Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer)
music Johnny Marks c. 1948; words C. Tuttle 2009
Three-fifty parts per million,
carbon in the atmosphere.
We’re closer to three-ninety,
risking all that we hold dear.
Famines and climate chaos,
droughts & melting Arctic too.
Risking life on our planet,
Oh my dear what shall we do?
Deck the Coal
music Welsh 16th c.; words C.Tuttle & K.Stocker c. 2010
Close the coal plant in Centralia Fa-la...
Solar power will never fail you Fa-la...
Coal will shrink your genitalia Fa-la... Green Carols at Green Lake 12/08/12 - YouTube
[3-min video]
Flashback: It's A Climategate Christmas - YouTube
Burning raw data on an open fire
Skeptics pounding on your door
(and here's one for the kids)
You better not breath, You better not drive
Better not cook, I'm telling you why
Al Gore is coming to you town

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Gator said...

I prefer my version...

Al Gore the Exposed Racketeer

You know Briffa and Trenberth and Wigley and Hansen,
Monbiot and Lovelock and Phil Jones and Revkin.
But do you recall
The most egregious swindler of all?

Al Gore the Exposed Racketeer
Had a very greedy scheme,
And if he could have used it,
You would truly want to scream.

All of the other scammers
Used his ploy for their own gains;
Would not admit their misdeeds
As they put us all in chains.

Then one icy Copenhagen day,
Skeptics came to say:
"Climategate really sank this ship,
There'll be no agreement signed this trip!"

Then how the skeptics delighted,
As they blogged about with glee,
"Al Gore the Exposed Racketeer,
You can kiss our big hiney."