Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Not the Global Warming Bombshell It's Cracked Up to Be
Heavy rains wiping out crops, the Baltic Sea freezing over, unusually powerful earthquakes triggering tsunamis, and the largest flood recorded in central Europe. Top it off with famine, plague, and social unrest, and people began talking about the end of the world—in the early 14th century.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Act 3: global warmining crusader - CSMonitor.com
Mr. Schwarzenegger's mixed record as governor and the news that he fathered a child with his housekeeper have damaged his credibility recently. But the Showtime project gives him an opportunity to both help rehabilitate his image and gain a larger voice on climate change.

“Schwarzenegger absolutely does have credibility on this subject,” says Eric Pooley, senior vice president for strategy and communications for the Environmental Defense Fund.
Morano on 'Your World,' 12/4/2012 - YouTube
[5-minute video:  CO2 didn't cause Sandy]
Prof uses history class to warn of 'life threatening' dangers of global warming
Climate change will lead to historic and “life threatening alterations on a scale never before seen in recorded history” a professor at Suffolk County Community College warned in an assignment for a history class this past November.

In the mandatory assignment, given by Professor Norman West for History 103, students were required to read a collection of six biased articles on mankind’s relationship to global warming and write a critical evaluation on the pros and cons of America’s ability to respond to the crisis.

None of the articles provided an alternative or dissident view to challenge belief in global warming.

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