Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Wrong Solution | The Next Grand Minimum
Ignoring the cyclical nature of climate history President Obama is placing the United States on a path that will prepare the county for global warming, when there is a higher probability of global cooling.
Doha: Russia backsliding on 25% emissions reduction goal | RTCC - Responding to Climate Change
A draft presidential decree seen by RIA Novosti shows that Russia might be backing away from an unconditional 25% emission reduction target announced by Prime Minister Medvedev during the Rio+20 summit in June to its 15-25% range stated in the 2009 Copenhagen Accord.
Outlook for Offshore Wind: Dark and Stormy - NYTimes.com
Wind installations in the United States benefit from a production tax credit and other tax breaks, but “it’s just not competitive,” Mr. Hamilton said. “People won’t do it unless they’re forced to.’’
Twitter / ToryAardvark: Offical David Cameron is a ...
Offical David Cameron is a total moron Dave there are 2000 electric cars on the road and 3500 charging points. ROFL

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