Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Climate Change Morality « NoFrakkingConsensus
This is what I call placing the anti-climate change crusade in a moral context. Eschenbach’s conclusion is one that makes eminent sense to me:
…I’m sorry, but I am totally unwilling to trade inexpensive energy today, which is the real actual salvation of the poor today, for some imagined possible slight reduction in the temperature fifty years from now. That is one of the worst trades that I can imagine, exchanging current suffering for a promise of a slight reduction in temperatures in the year 2050.
Hansen and Karl to put on a “worse than we thought” event | Watts Up With That?
From a press release, apparently the writer has no clue that the NASA GISS data is a derivative of the NOAA data, and thus the claim of “NASA and NOAA each independently produce a record of Earth’s surface temperatures…” is untrue. They then go on to talk about “how much agreement there is”. Only government climate science could be this ridiculous. –
Al's Journal : Shirking Responsibility
[Fossil-fueled Al Gore suggests that Chevron is responsible for bad weather] In a recent interview, Chevron's CEO claims that the climate crisis is not the company's responsibility

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