Monday, January 07, 2013

Don't miss this: AGU prize-winning climate communicator Gavin Schmidt helps produce and promote a piece that claims Rupert Murdoch, Anthony Watts, and Marc Morano did "the most damage overall during the year with Bad Science"

Twitter / ClimateOfGavin: The Golden Horseshoe Awards ...
The Golden Horseshoe Awards go to....
[Gavin Schmidt links to this post]: THE 2012 GOLDEN HORSESHOE AWARD – David Rose of the Daily Mail | Planet3.0
But Roger [Pielke Jr] apparently is inclined against anything that looks like a signal in the damage record, since he has staked out a reverse-scientific territory trumpeting a null result there. (It’s interesting how climate attracts people willing to celebrate and overemphasize null results, unlike other fields which err on the side of burying them. Perhaps this is a clear symptom of post-normalcy?)

for the person or institution who does the most damage overall during the year with Bad Science.
RUNNER UP – Tony Watts, who does much less damage than Murdoch, but tries valiantly.

SECOND RUNNER UP – Marc Morano, who can’t even manage to do as much damage as Watts does, despite generous funding from someplace, probably a 501c3 shell for extracting money from rich old cranks, but who knows.
...let’s single out the particularly horrifying James Taylor (not the singer) of the Heartland Institute.
The MVP for the good guys continues to be Dana Nuccitelli at SkS, republished at the Guardian

Of maybe the MVP is Peter Sinclair!
Unfortunately, we may have an easier time in the future, since it’s entirely possible that Global Warming will soon have started its latest hiatus in 2013 [?!]. Honestly, the pleasure of saying “I told ya so” won’t really be all that much compensation.


Peter Gleick, Aaron Huertas, Greg Laden, Dan Moutal, Dana Nucciteli, Eli Rabbet, Joe Romm, Gavin Schmidt, Peter Sinclair, Kevin Trenberth.
2011: Inaugural Climate Communications Prize Winner Announced
WASHINGTON, DC — In recognition of his exceptional work as a climate communicator, the American Geophysical Union (AGU) has selected Gavin Schmidt as the recipient of its inaugural Climate Communications Prize.

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