Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lomborg: Global warming does not mean the end of pasta. - Lomborg - Slate Magazine
The argument is almost entirely wrong. Yields of all major crops have been rising dramatically in recent decades, owing to higher-yielding crop varieties and farmers’ greater use of fertilizer, pesticides, and irrigation. Moreover, CO2 acts as a fertilizer, and its increase has probably raised global yields more than 3 percent over the past 30 years.
Global warming skeptics: What do they have to fear? -
For one, climate skeptics fear that people who are not qualified to opine on the complex topic of energy production may cripple economies with assorted misguided energy related boondoggles. Is that a realistic concern? What are the odds? I’m going to argue here that the odds are not zero.
Freeze Warning: Homeless Flock To Warming Centers to Survive
SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.- As temperatures drop dangerously low, some homeless fear they may be frozen to death.

"It's a sad situation but there are people dying of exposure from just being homeless," said Daniel Goff, a local homeless man.

Daniel Goff may be homeless, but he calls himself one of the lucky ones after he says three of his friends froze to death after they were turned away from a shelter.
Urgent CO2 cuts may spare millions hardship: report - Channel NewsAsia
PARIS: Tens of millions of people may be spared droughts and floods by 2050 if Earth-warming carbon emissions peak in 2016 rather than 2030, scientists said on Sunday.
Fiddling while Rome burns – the £3trn cost of climate delay
The Doha climate summit agreement which delayed vital action to tackle global warming for another seven years will cost $5 trillion (£3.1trn) to remedy, according to research by one of the world's leading climate change scientists.

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