Thursday, January 24, 2013

PBSG invited WWF and PBI advocates to its last polar bear experts meeting | polarbearscience
By kicking out Mitch Taylor for his unwillingness to go along with the group’s view on global warming and then inviting four professional lobbyists to join them, it has signaled to the world that it is ready to be seen as an advocate association first and a scientific organization second.
Jon Stewart on cold East Coast weather | TPMDC
Jon Stewart on Wednesday thanked his audience for braving “perilous weather conditions” to watch the show. “It’s unbelievable here,” he said. Which led Stewart to conclude: “Global warming is a total hoax. And Ill tell you how I know. Because it’s cold, today, where I live. That’s jus’ science.”  [Will Stewart remember these sarcastic remarks the next time he uses warm weather as evidence that CO2 is overheating the planet?]

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