Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quark Soup by David Appell: Drought Cost: $5.20 per ton of CO2
I'm just sayin'.  [David:  Are you sayin' that if we would have forked over $11.4 billion for carbon dioxide hoax scam swindle fraud rip-offsets, the U.S. drought would have been prevented?  If not "prevented", would the drought have been different in any measurable way?]
National Preach-In on Global Warming: February 8-10, 2013 | Planet3.0
[Michael Tobis] Speaking for myself and not necessarily for the P3 community as a whole, I without reservation or qualification endorse this endeavor.
Science Gets The Stratosphere Wrong | The Resilient Earth
This is an egregious example of sloppy science, slipshod science, bad science. How other climate scientists blindly accepted the Met Office's manufactured data, even when their models could not be reconciled with nature, leads one to question the scientific integrity of many of those in the field. This is not acceptable behavior in any realm of scientific endeavor, and when the results of research are used to inflame the public and drive questionable socioeconomic programs the malfeasance could be considered criminal. This is what happens when the race for fame, government funding and political advantage collide with science—the validity of the science is destroyed.
RealClimate: What to study?
[Brainwashed new grad] I am someone with a deep-seated desire to help the planet remain as habitable as possible in the face of the trials humanity is putting it through. I’d like to devote my career to this cause

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