Friday, January 04, 2013

Remember a few months ago, when Iceland's president was all holier-than-thou about preventing CO2-induced bad weather? Now "Iceland bets on oil to boost fragile economy"

Iceland bets on oil to boost fragile economy | Reuters
OSLO, Jan 4 (Reuters) - Iceland is opening its waters for exploration to energy firms, and involving the help of oil-rich Norway in the process, as it looks to make use of its energy resources and boost its fragile economy.
Sept 2012:  Iceland's president weighs in on impact of rapidly disappearing Arctic ice | PRI.ORG
Grimsson said he believes before the end of this decade, China will become "the leading clean energy country in the world."

"Unless Europe and the United States get their act together in the field of clean energy, the question before the end of this decade will be: when will Europe and when will the U.S. catch up with China," he added.
..."What happens to the ice in the arctic, in the Himalayas, and in Antarctica will have a profound effect on every nation, on every continent," Grimsson said. "And the melting of the ice in the last four years has been much more dramatic than anybody predicted ten years ago. And therefore, we need all to be gravely concerned about the effect and the impact of this for everybody on planet earth."

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