Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Update on ‘Richard Windsor’ – EPA Email Release ‘Gravely Compounded Unlawful Activity We Have Exposed’ | Watts Up With That?
Staking out the position Jackson used only one secondary account signals the agency has gone bunker. Rather than search or produce from the Richard Windsor account, it is more likely the agency intends to in essence pretend it does not exist. Count as wasted that week EPA spent with all of the muttering to the contrary about its origin being a combination of her pet’s name and the town in which she once lived.

EPA would rather fight than snitch. Instructively, in EPA’s view, tempting Congress, the court and public opinion risks less fallout than revealing “Richard Windsor’s” correspondence.
Twitter / climatebrad: Listening to wacko climate-denier ...
Listening to wacko climate-denier GOP talk about "widespread fraud"
Twitter / climatebrad: Ugly. RT @ForecastFacts: Chart: ...
Ugly. RT : Chart: 's drives denial, & et al. follow Fox
Twitter / hro001: Pachauri calls for "sane and ...
Pachauri calls for "sane and rational voices" in media coverage Translation: IPCC is right cuz we said so

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