Tuesday, January 15, 2013

US Shale Boom Fuels Security Fears … In The Middle East
Now that the US is producing much more of its own oil due to the shale boom, Middle Eastern countries are growing increasingly fearful that the US will abandon its longstanding security commitments in the region.
The Black and White Aerosols Show » Climate Resistance
CR: So what is the empirical evidence that, 50 years ago, white aerosols were masking GW due to CO2?

VR: It’s pretty flimsy. The main information we have [...] is our understanding of the SO2 emissions by coal combustion, and oil. But we need to know not so much how much SO2 we put out, but how much was converted to sulphates, how much was removed [etc]

CR: So you don’t even know the life cycle of the SO2 and sulphates?

VR: No. All the information we have is from models… It could still be true [that white aerosols account for the post-war temperature slump]
Twitter / RyanMaue: Unintentional funny by ...
Unintentional funny by "NASA, which measures temperatures differently..."
Twitter / bryanrwalsh: "Hell, I barely understood ...
"Hell, I barely understood the bill, and I basically wrote it": On the failure to pass climate legislation (PDF):

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