Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Warmer temperatures would be a benefit, not a problem, for Toronto | Posted Toronto | National Post
Chairman Norm Kelly and the local councillors who sit on Toronto’s parks and environment committee, of course, are in no position to evaluate the scientific data coming in from the International Space Station, NASA and the UK Met. It is to Mr. Kelly’s credit that he has resisted calls from less-humble councillors who want to spend billions of taxpayer dollars upgrading Toronto’s infrastructure to withstand hotter weather based on a local consultant’s say-so that temperatures will rise in the decade 2040-2049, just when Toronto may find itself in a Little Ice Age.
Climate change will be great for Toronto, says insincere troll [Lawrence Solomon] | Grist
embracing climate change because it means fewer potholes is like embracing being mauled to death by a bear on a wintry tundra because the grizzly’s fur provides shelter from the wind.   [Hey Philip Bump:  What, specifically, allegedly makes Lawrence Solomon less sincere but more troll-like than yourself?]
Twitter / Nigel_Farage: Vaclav Klaus standing for the ...
Vaclav Klaus standing for the European Parliament in 2014 is some of the best news I've heard in a very long time.
Politics Today: Are Environment Canada’s days numbered? - The Globe and Mail
Elizabeth May says Environment Canada will be eliminated and merged with the natural resources department, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says sources are telling her.

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