Wednesday, February 06, 2013

2014 Winter Olympics: Bring your umbrella « The Greenroom
Maybe, in retrospect, it was a mistake to award the 2014 Winter Olympics to a place known as “the warmest place in Russia.” Just sayin’:
Obama Interior pick: Global warming hurt profits |
"We experienced strong sales in 2011. However, because winter weather failed to arrive, our profitability was impacted," said Brian Unmacht, executive vice president of Recreational Equipment Inc., which has three outlets in the Washington area.
In a 2007 interview with the enviro-website Grist, [REI CEO Sally Jewell] bemoaned REI's carbon footprint, especially from employees commuting to work and even the companies travel program. "One of the shockers to me is 26 percent of REI's greenhouse-gas footprint is REI Adventure travel trips, like the one I'm about to take. It's almost as much as -- or maybe it's equal to -- all of the electricity generated by all of our facilities. And that is, like, stunning," she said.
UPDATE 2: RGGI to tighten cap, raise floor price: source - News - Point Carbon
WASHINGTON, Feb 6 (Reuters Point Carbon) - The nine states of the northeastern U.S. carbon market are expected to announce Thursday they will reduce the program's emissions cap by close to half to stimulate allowance trading and strengthen its environmental goals, a source familiar with the program said.
Barclays, Deutsche Bank lose top carbon analysts: sources - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, Feb 6 (Reuters Point Carbon) – Investment banks Barclays and Deutsche Bank have parted ways with their leading carbon analysts, sources at both firms told Reuters Point Carbon on Wednesday, as banks continue to pare back activity in the battered emissions trading market.

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