Sunday, February 03, 2013

Craig Seligman of Bloomberg News on the upcoming CO2-induced apocalypse: "At least those who drown won't starve to death after all the crop failures"

Book review: Jeremiah meets Pollyanna in Al Gore's new 'Future' | Tulsa World
I'm feeling like a girl who went out with the class brain, wished he would tell a joke or put his hand on my knee, then realized as he droned on that he would make a loving husband and responsible father and ended the evening ready to say "I do."
That is, I just plowed through "The Future,"
Choose your catastrophe. Here's one: Demographic shifts will soon mean that 75 percent of human beings live close to coastlines. Cataclysms of climate change (like Hurricane Sandy) on top of sea levels rising with the melting of the polar ice caps could mean the inundation of millions.

At least those who drown won't starve to death after all the crop failures resulting from the increasing desertification of the earth as its population simultaneously mushrooms

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rhetorical1 said...

I was going to make a remark for C Seligman to bounce around his/her grey matter but have decided that anyone that buys into al gores "control the masses" fear mongering isn't worth any more of my time than this post. By the way C Seligman have you taken the time to read UN Agenda 21? I strongly suggest that you do. Then maybe you'll think twice before believing this is the future you would want your children to live in.