Saturday, February 23, 2013

Global warming hoax promoter Suzanne Goldenberg on public radio: Saying that you don't believe that CO2 is overheating the planet is like saying "hey, smoke as many cigarettes as you like, it won't hurt you"

Living on Earth: Secret Cash for Climate Denial
GOLDENBERG: To me that the main difference is the causes they’re supporting. When you're talking about science - when you're talking about the facts of climate science - the two sides aren't equivalent. And I don't think that it's legitimate to say putting out information about science is one thing and putting out information that is factually wrong is just as valid. Because they clearly aren’t. I think as a society we’d be concerned if organizations were taking secret money to go out and say, hey, smoke as many cigarettes as you like, it won't hurt you; hey, be afraid when you use a public washroom, you can get HIV aids from toilet seats. I think it's a very different thing when you're talking about putting out information that is factually incorrect, and you're doing that in a secretive fashion.


Anonymous said...

Suzanne Goldenburg, wow and didn't mention Holocaust denial - that's sweet of you honey and what restraint!
It you read the reports of weather so called disasters in the USA, not one of them was unusual or can be attributed to man made influence - except in Suzie's pretty little head.

Wake up America! - Suzanne Goldenburg says - "you the taxpayer will change the climate!" And - you know it makes sense and Barry Obama thinks so too cos his kids told him just that.

Francois T said...

Hey Tom Nelson!

Even the Catholic Church now knows you're a paid denialist.

I'd be careful if i were you: Do you really want to have God against you?