Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Insanity-laced new interview with RFK Jr: "we’re on a trajectory to creating a planet that is a science fiction nightmare...[if we burn all proven fossil fuel reserves] "then we are all dead"

Interview: Robert F. Kennedy Jr : Renew Economy
Robert F. Kennedy Jr: But the rules by which energy is regulated were written to favour the most poisonous, destructive and addictive fuels from hell, rather than cheap, clean, green, safe, abundant and patriotic fuels from heaven.
...RE: David Crane (CEO of NRG, the large US generation company) and you wrote a letter to the editor about the democratisation of energy, and the desire to put a solar panel on every  rooftop. What is democratisation of energy and why is it important?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: From a reliability standpoint – it’s much more resilient. It’s easier for a terrorist to blow up a single power plant, or a coal burning power plant but it’s really hard to blow up a million houses with solar panels on their roof. It is a more resilient source of energy because it is  diverse.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr: I think anyone who is a realist will say that the planet… we’re on a trajectory to creating a planet that is a science fiction nightmare....If [we burn proven fossil fuel reserves] the planet will heat by 11°(F) which will make most of it uninhabitable. If you look at it that way, it’s hard to imagine [oil and coal companies] as anything other than criminal enterprises willing to destroy the globe for their own greed. It is not radical stuff that I am talking about,  it is proven science. It’s math. That’s what we are fighting, that’s what we are up against.
...Robert F. Kennedy Jr: In the next decade there will be an epic battle for survival for humanity against the forces of ignorance and greed. It’s going to be Armageddon, represented by the oil industry on one side, versus the renewable industry on the other. And people are going to have to choose sides – including politically. They will have to choose side because oil and coal, they will not be able to survive – they are not going to be able to burn their proven reserves. If  they do, then we are all dead. And they are quite willing to burn it. We’re all going to be part of that battle. We are going to watch governments being buffeted by the whims of money and greed on one side, and idealism and hope on the other.
Flashack: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. slams Cape Wind
"Over the past eight years Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been attacking the Cape Wind project, while also calling for the greater use of wind and solar power as alternatives to coal," Cape Wind officials said in a statement issued in response to Kennedy's opinion piece. "In so doing, Mr. Kennedy has been derided by those across the political spectrum who say his misleading objections mask an entitled and hypocritical objection to the aesthetics of wind turbines six miles off his family's waterfront compound."


TRE said...

For grips sake Robert, stop bitching and sign over that trust fund to me, then you can try to make an honest living and I promise I'll buy a windmill in your honor.
(would this guy be ANYTHING if his last name wasn't Kennedy?)

Anonymous said...

RFK Jr is a typical ignorant American politician.