Sunday, February 10, 2013

Overheated planet update: One reason for building Halley VI (British Antarctic Survey research station) is that the first five stations became "progressively engulfed in snow"

Halley VI research station, Antarctica
The British Antarctic Survey thought otherwise, and in 2004 employed the Royal Institute of British Architects to hold a design competition for their new £26m station.
One of the motivations for building Halley VI is that Halley V was being progressively engulfed by snow, as were four previous stations built there since 1956. The ice on which it stands is moving at a rate of 400 metres a year, and one day will break off and float away, so Halley VI can be relocated when necessary. It can also be regularly raised, to keep it above the perpetual build-up of snow.

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WestHoustonGeo said...

Amundsen-Scott Station at the South Pole has a new building on jack-up legs:
The old building (a Geodesic dome) is slowly being covered by snow.