Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Treasury fights to keep carbon emails secret | Washington Free Beacon
CEI senior fellow Christopher Horner said Treasury’s objective “is to tap dance as deep into the policy/political calendar as they can without producing” the emails in question.

Vitter, the ranking Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, criticized the Treasury Department’s continued efforts to block disclosure of the emails.

“The two-faced Treasury Department promises Congress it will work in good faith to produce documents relating to the carbon tax, while at the same time urging DOJ to undermine the FOIA request,” Vitter said in a statement to the Washington Free Beacon. “Treasury’s apparent duplicity is insulting, and makes a mockery of the president’s pledge to be the most transparent administration in history.”
Lomborg: Wind power is cheap only compared with other alternative energies. - Slate Magazine
Wind power is too costly, inefficient, and won't stop climate change...In effect, insisting on wind power means using energy that is far from competitive, does not help to avert climate change, and costs an extra $145 billion for the U.K. alone.
Hawaii Making Waves In Financing Clean Energy
The state relies on petroleum to generate over 75 percent of its electricity
Flashback: Broken promises: The rusting wind turbines of Hawaii
While Hawaii has six abandoned wind farms, most of California’s derelict turbines are only now being removed — decades late — after disgusted local authorities threatened to sue...Wind power sceptics estimate 14,000 turbines across the U.S. have become derelict since the Eighties, while there are around 38,000 in operation across the country.

Paul Gipe claims the number abandoned in his state of California is around 4,500, of which 500 are still standing.

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