Monday, March 11, 2013

Antarctic Sea Ice Day 69 2013 Is 4th Record for the Day This Year | sunshine hours
2008 has many, many records for most ice extent for a day in the early part of the year.
2013 managed to set records 3 times and then was just slightly below 2008 for weeks.
Well, on day 69 2013 caught up to 2008, and finally set its 4th record for the day.
Being Green Isn’t Harmless | NoFrakkingConsensus
Doubling electricity bills will harm pensioners, those on disability benefits, and impoverished kids. It will cause jobs to disappear. Piling hardship on top of hardship in this manner, pretending that real people won’t really suffer, is not morally defensible.

Even in the name of protecting the environment.
The Amazon Rainforest Should Deal With Climate Change Better Than We Thought | Smart News
In the new study, Hungtingford and colleagues found that, in the vast majority of their simulations, the forests will actually contain more biomass—the total amount of plant life—by the end of the century.
Twitter / Chris_C_Horner: EPA accused of hacking private ...
EPA accused of hacking private e-mail to block investigation of misdeeds Transparency for thee, not for me!
EPA accused of hacking private e-mail to block investigation of misdeeds at Montana Superfund site |
Based on’s investigation, the EPA Region 8 office had apparently hacked into a private individual’s G-mail account in order to intercept, trap and block e-mail intended for the EPA OIG. confirmed the discovery of the hacking/trapping with EPA OIG staff.

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