Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Better get this corrected, Andrew: Warmist scientist/left-wing political candidate Andrew Weaver tweets a link to a story which falsely claims that he is a Nobel Prize winner

Twitter / AJWVictoriaBC: Heading off to Cowichan to ...
Heading off to Cowichan to talk at VIU
Nobel Prize winner coming to VIU
Dr. Andrew Weaver, a climate scientist who was part of a group who won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, along with Al Gore, for their work on the subject, is heading to Duncan to talk about B.C.'s clean energy future on Tuesday, March 19.
Weaver has impressive credentials. Along with his Nobel Prize, he is the Canada Research Chair in climate modeling and analysis at the University of Victoria and has received numerous international awards for leadership and excellence in his field.
Flashback: The IPCC weighs in on the Mann Nobel dilemma, and throws him under the bus | Watts Up With That?
The prize was awarded to the IPCC as an organization, and not to any individual associated with the IPCC. Thus it is incorrect to refer to any IPCC official, or scientist who worked on IPCC reports, as a Nobel laureate or Nobel Prize winner.

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