Tuesday, March 19, 2013

- Bishop Hill blog - More Rose reaction
The second, perhaps more amusing response is from Phil Plait ("Bad Astronomer") at Slate. This is quite extraordinary nonsense.
Plait's case is that Rose's article represents "denial of climate change", and his argument appears to rest on a number of pillars. Firstly, he seems to be saying that Rose should have examined ocean rather than surface temperatures. Now the argument that ocean temperatures should be preferred is undoubtedly well-founded, but it is hardly "denial" to use the measure favourted by the IPCC itself. It would be interesting to see how often Phil Plait has made the case in favour of catastrophic global warming based on surface temperatures.
Finally we have the usual obfuscation about temperature trends:
He also says, “The graph confirms there has been no statistically significant increase in the world’s average temperature since January 1997 – as this newspaper first disclosed last year” which again was wrong last year and just as wrong now.
Which presumably means that Pachauri and Forster are deniers too.
Eight-foot snowdrifts hit warmest corner of the UK
Incredible photos – The worst snow storms in 26 years have caused havoc on the Channel Islands this week, leaving drifts up to 8-foot (2.44 m) deep.
[comment about tool for examining ClimateGate 1 and 2 emails] | Watts Up With That?
[comment] hro001 says:
March 18, 2013 at 3:34 am
Btw, I’ve found Buffy Minton’s .”spreadsheet of Climategate 1 and 2 emails in chronological order” is an excellent starting point:
Hilary, I converted Buffy Minton’s spreadsheet to an html index with a link in the subject line that opens the selected email in your web browser window, all offline. 35 Meg zip file here

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