Sunday, March 31, 2013

Outvoted warmist politician Bob Inglis: In order to prevent CO2-induced bad weather, you know what we need? A carbon tax at coal mines that is removed if that coal is sent on fossil-fueled ships to be burned in other countries

Old plays won't save coal but a carbon tax could | Op-Ed |
When something becomes inevitable — like the pricing of carbon — there's little to be gained from simply slowing government regulation.
For coal, the right kind of CO² tax would be far better than pending CO² regulation.
The very different play for coal might look like this: Tax carbon upstream at the mine and at the pipeline...Make the new carbon tax border-adjustable so that it's removed on exports and imposed on imports.

The border-adjustable feature is critical in two ways. First, coal from the U.S. wouldn't be priced out of foreign markets because the U.S. carbon tax would be removed on export.
...Years ago, who knew smoking caused cancer? Tobacco companies fought the inevitable conclusion of the research, but they ultimately lost. Now, some of the same people — literally some of the same people — are fighting the inevitable conclusion of chemistry and physics and the effects of greenhouse gasses. They will lose. Coal could lose with them.
Flashback: Former Congressman Bob Inglis, who lost his primary race 71-29, on the alleged effects of trace amounts of CO2: We're paying in the forms of increased medical bills, lost workplace productivity and thousands of people who die earlier than they otherwise would


papertiger said...

Bone headed morons who luck into a congressional seat, will find their luck takes a turn for the worse, and be unseated due to global warming.

I hope the Capitol police checked Mr. Ingles' briefcase for staplers, pens, and notepads with the Capitol letterhead, before they exscorted him off the premises.

papertiger said...

A tax on coal that is removed if the coal is shipped to China or Mexico.

See right there, that's Bob Ingles being the best Republican that Chinese money could buy!