Thursday, March 28, 2013

Polar bears cavorting with ABC brown bears not supported by geological and fossil evidence | polarbearscience
I still think, as I suggested in an earlier post here, that it is more plausible that both brown bears and polar bears retain some genetic material from their common ancestor, which makes it look like the two species have hybridized. In other words, hybridization may not be required to explain the genetic similarity of ABC-type brown bears and polar bears.
Scene - Blogs - Inhofe fires back at Greedy climatechange filmmaker | Tulsa World
"Ever since my first speech on this topic, I have found it astonishing how organizations have credited me capable of singlehandedly bringing about the end of the world," Inhofe said in his statement addressing his placement in Rosebraugh's film.

"I have constantly defended credible, objective science. What I've sought to expose is the corrupting influences that subvert science for political purposes. Good policy must be based on good science free from bias, whatever its conclusion."
Wait, What? Save Arctic Wildlife: By Shooting it? | hauntingthelibrary
But if these brilliant schemes don’t work (duh . . . you think?) then there’s always the option to save the polar bears from global warming by killing them. That’s right. We could always put a bullet in the head of those polar bears befre the global warming gets to them. At least that way when sceptics argue that polar bear populations are increasing not declining you could make SURE that you could prove them wrong by killing more bears.
Global warming helps farmers in Greenland Arctic valleys | Oman Observer
Some Inuit hunters are finding reindeer fatter than ever thanks to more grazing on this frozen tundra, and for some, there is no longer a need to trek hours to find wild herbs.
Welcome to climate change in Greenland, where locals say longer and warmer summers mean the country can grow the kind of crops unheard of years ago.

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