Monday, March 04, 2013

"Snowless Chicago" update:  Snowstorm could drop nine inches by Tuesday night
A late-season winter storm could bring the largest snowfall of the year, dropping as much as 9 inches of powder over the Chicago area by Tuesday night, according to the National Weather Service.
Little unity over California's cap-and-trade program | Reuters
(Reuters) - Businesses and environmentalists remain deeply divided over California's landmark carbon cap-and-trade program, with industry calling it a job-killing nightmare and clean energy proponents saying it has positioned the state as a global leader in tackling climate change.
Previous Warm Periods In China Were Warmer Than Modern Warm Period | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
Temperature changes of the past 2000 yr in China and comparison with Northern Hemisphere
It’s No Ponzi Scheme: Barnett Shale Field Will Produce Nearly 1 Trillion Cubic Feet In 2030 | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
A new study that looks at the individual production of 16,000 shale gas wells drilled through mid-2011 in the Barnett shale gas field constitutes a hail of nails in the coffin of the claim that shale gas is a Ponzi scheme. The study finds that the Barnett, the grandfather of shale gas fields, will still be producing in 2030 900 billion cubic feet or about 4% of 2012′s record US production. That is still lots of gas seventeen years from now.
GWPF Book Event: Rupert Darwall – The Age Of Global Warming | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
Global warming defines our age. Understanding it in the context of the history of ideas offers a mirror to our times…

‘This is a brilliant piece of work that every climate change negotiator should have in his front pocket’ –Jon Snow

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