Friday, March 22, 2013

The Inconvenient Skeptic » Introducing the Marcott 9
The end-point strategy for this paper was full of shenanigans.
Energy: the fast approaching crisis
As we gaze on the worst global warming of the season, with driving snow and deep drifts, so come the now ritual warnings about shortage of electricity capacity, on top of which – with the unseasonable weather - we face a gas crisis as supplies near exhaustion.
- Bishop Hill blog - Climategate: the role of the social sciences
'Climategate: the role of the social sciences', by Myanna Lahsen of the Brazilian Institute for Space Research, opens with an absolute howler
...there was a well-organized PR campaign ready to go at the time the emails were released (Pearce 2010a, 180), aimed at shaping public perceptions of ACC and undermine efforts to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases.
Twitter / kuminaidoo: You can't end #poverty without ...
You can't end without tackling change via
If You Can’t Stand the Heat: Why Washington is Stuck on Climate Change (Part 1) | Environmental Defense Fund
It may be hard to pass climate change legislation by working with conservatives, but it will be nearly impossible to do so without them.
Twitter / DrShepherd2013: is "warmist" in the dictionary, ...
is "warmist" in the dictionary, since I noticed that adjective attached to my name in a blog somewhere... I prefer "peer-reviewist"
Twitter / RyanMaue: @DrShepherd2013 warmist is ...
@DrShepherd2013 warmist is less pejorative than denier, wouldn't you agree?

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