Tuesday, April 23, 2013

- Bishop Hill blog - More signs of the times
Brian Micklethwait, writing at Samizdata notes what may be the beginnings of another significant phase of the climate wars: comedians are starting to laugh at alarmism...
Record-Breaking Spring in the Northland!
“The spring of 2013 will be long remembered as cold and VERY snowy in the northland,” says NOAA. ”Shatters” old records.
[Cold] Month in Duluth | Planet3.0
particularly extraordinary is the situation in Duluth, Minnesota, which has received 51 inches of snowfall so far this month. This makes it not just the snowiest April but the snowiest month of any month on record there.
Spring Golf Conditions Improving In Greenland | Real Science
Temperatures are almost up to -40 this morning!
A Beautiful Winter’s Day In Colorado | Real Science
Temperatures were about ten degrees below normal for January. The only problem is that this is April 23.
Record cold in EVERY Canadian province and territory
Happy Earth Day!

Every province and territory (Canada)saw at least one record low temp this am. (Monday April 22), says reader E Stephens.

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