Thursday, April 18, 2013

Colorado town shatters low-temperature record
Record low shattered by 13 degrees.
Labor flies first class to a global carbon market that isn’t | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Climate Change Minister Greg Combet took his ABC newsreader partner Juanita Phillips on a first-class visit to Europe
Anachronism | Coyote Blog
Apparently, Google is building a huge a showy hub for its corporate aircraft. Does this strike anyone else as an anachronism, from the folks who bring us Gmail and Google groups? It's like the Fedex having a Pony Express account.
Feb 2013: Google Eyes Airplane Hub at San Jose Airport | NBC Bay Area
It calls for building an executive terminal, hangars and ramp space for big business jets used by Google and other corporate clients.
Climate Change Science Unsettled, Carbon Tax Even More Unwise
Congress should be proactive in addressing climate change, but only by categorically rejecting the idea of a carbon tax and removing the ability of the EPA and any other federal agency to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.
Climate change focus for huge sculpture | New Zealand
A 20-tonne, 10-metre-high sculpture illustrating local efforts to combat climate change will be built next to a Northland highway if a Bay of Islands hapu gets its way.

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