Monday, April 01, 2013

Global Warmists Struggle to Explain Lack of Warming in the Globe | FrontPage Magazine
The mark of bad science is

1. Insisting that a theory is a fact
2. Refusing to abandon a theory even when the evidence points the other way
3. Faking evidence to support a theory for reasons of ideology and profit

Global Warmists are guilty of all three and their struggle to deal with the unraveling science is nothing short of hilarious.
Ecoscammers Now Blaming Global Warming for Somalia Civil War Deaths | FrontPage Magazine
Ecoscammers are working overtime to invent Climate Change refugees and victims of Climate Change to shake down developed nations for money and funnel more cash into their Green slush funds.
Climate Policies Increase Risk of Blackouts | Watts Up With That?
Which is worse – gradual man-made global warming or sudden electricity blackout?
Report: Carbon tax hits Aussie hospitals’ bottom lines |
Hurting hospitals while not saving the planet seems foolish.

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