Monday, April 01, 2013

Lockwood’s “Dubious” Solar Activity/Central-European Climate Correlation Now Confirmed By 5 Winters In A Row!
Central Europeans right now are scratching their heads, wondering how on earth it can be that they are still shoveling snow past Easter. March in Germany, according to the German Weather Service DWD, was the 6th coldest since measurements began in 1881. Britain has just seen it’s coldest March in 100 years. In fact over the last few winters hundreds of cold and snowfall records have been shattered.
The NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics Blog: Peer review vs Smear Review
[Monckton] In fact, there has been no global warming for 17 years. This is one of many facts the WWU faculty chose not to mention. For the past eight years, according to the ENVISAT sea-level monitoring satellite, sea level has been rising at a rate equivalent to just 1.3 inches per century.

As an expert reviewer for the IPCC's forthcoming Fifth Assessment Report, I can also report that the IPCC itself plans to publish a graph showing that the predictions of global warming in all four of its previous multi-thousand-page quinquennial Assessment Reports have proven to be enormous exaggerations. The computer models it uses have failed.

Dr. Easterbrook, therefore, is a great deal closer to the current state of climate science than the money-grubbing gangsters of WWU, who ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves but are too politicized on the far Left to have the grace to blush.
Articles: Global Warming? Oops! Never Mind!
Are today's weather measurements accurate? Heck no. Weather stations are measuring the jet blast from airplanes taking off at airports, the heat from air conditioners on office building rooftops, the heat of asphalt parking lots and streets and cities.

Meteorologist Anthony Watts is one of the greatest heroes of truth and freedom. His blog "Watts Up With That?" has changed the world and is one of the most influential resources on global warming. Watts became truly famous with his recurring "How Not to Measure Temperature" series reviewing the world's automated weather stations.

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