Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Majority Say Pipeline More Important Than Climate Change - Yahoo! News
According to the poll, 63 percent of Americans think that having North America free from importing oil from outside the continent is more important than reducing greenhouse gases. Thirty percent of respondents felt that reducing greenhouse gases was the priority of the two issues.
Lord Monckton responds | Northern Advocate
Your recent article Climate-change denier Lord Monckton hot under the collar for nothing, which twice used the hate-speech term "climate change denier", unfairly exploited my disability in the text and a ridiculous photo. It made unevidenced, inaccurate allegations that in a talk in Whangarei I was "manipulating" graphs and figures and that my "claims" were "as wild as an Atlantic hurricane". It contained many further damaging inaccuracies. Thank you for printing this letter of correction. Though the article said I could prove the change in recorded temperature for two decades "has been so minuscule no thermometer could measure it", the implication in context was that I could not. Yet I cited the UN's climate-science chairman as having recently said global warming had "paused for 17 years" (23 years on satellite data).

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