Monday, April 22, 2013

Wait, what?: Revkin reports that the PAGES 2K study found that the Arctic was "warmer during 1941–1970 than 1971–2000"

Study Charts 2,000 Years of Continental Climate Changes -
The Arctic was also warmest during the twentieth century, although warmer during 1941–1970 than 1971–2000 according to our reconstruction….

In Europe, slightly higher reconstructed temperatures were registered in A.D. 741–770, and the interval from A.D. 21–80 was substantially warmer than 1971–2000. Antarctica was probably warmer than 1971–2000 for a time period as recent as A.D. 1671–1700, and the entire period from 141–1250 was warmer than 1971–2000.

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