Monday, April 22, 2013

President Obama’s Budget Proposes to Make Wind and Solar Subsidies Permanent
Subsidies for renewable energy and energy efficiency total $23 billion over ten years. Astonishingly, the President proposes to make wind, solar, and geothermal subsidies permanent.
KNIGHT: Earth Day religion - Washington Times
Just as the word “liberal” has given way to the less-tarnished “progressive,” it’s hard to find “global warming” in environmental groups’ materials celebrating April 22 as Earth Day.

The operative phrase is “climate change,”...
Twitter / RyanMaue: Minnesota Youth should consult ...
Minnesota Youth should consult this Wikipedia article which describes their March for Climate Action:
Twitter / kgrandia: U.S. EPA says state department's ...
U.S. EPA says state department's analysis on the climate impacts of is "Insufficient"
Utility lawyer: Enviros misusing zoning laws to block coal exports, undermine the coal industry |
“And I don’t believe it’s a good-faith effort to address either the environmental effects of trains or terminals. If the environmentalists really cared about that direct environmental impact, they should have raised it long ago.”

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