Saturday, April 27, 2013

What If We Never Run Out of Oil? - Charles C. Mann - The Atlantic
New technology and a little-known energy source suggest that fossil fuels may not be finite. This would be a miracle—and a nightmare.
...On a broader level still, cheap, plentiful natural gas throws a wrench into efforts to combat climate change.
Climate change: New video from the White House lambastes Congressional deniers.
[Phil Plait] In fact, this [Marcott] graph more than any other has been viciously attacked by deniers over the years, and yet not only withstands the tests, but more research only supports it further.
A compilation of lower climate sensitivities, plus a new one | Watts Up With That?
Of the 19 state-of-the-art climate models used in the IPCC’s newest Assessment Report (which is still in its draft form) exactly zero have an equilibrium climate sensitivity that is as low as the mean value of estimates from the recent literature included in our Figure.
Cool heads needed in Bonn for five-day talks on climate change - Environmental News | The Irish Times - Sat, Apr 27, 2013
Ironically, it was when more than 120 heads of state or government turned up for the Copenhagen climate summit in December 2009 that things really fell apart. The hopes of so many that a meaningful global agreement would be reached were dashed, while the trust between rich and poor countries – always quite fragile – was shattered.

Since then, however, 194 countries have committed themselves to reaching a comprehensive agreement in 2015 under the so-called Durban Platform. That’s why their climate-change negotiators, including all the big players, are travelling to Bonn this weekend for a five-day session on the “scope, structure and design” of such a deal.

The talks have been given added impetus by the bitterly cold weather that gripped much of the northern hemisphere this spring – which some scientists have attributed to the dramatic decline in Arctic summer sea ice – as well as record heatwaves in Australia and the devastating impact of Superstorm Sandy on the US east coast.

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